Louise Jarvis

Complex Meander ring for left hand, sterling silver, 10K, 2011, $160
Intentional Meanders

meander noun   (mē-ān'dər)     A sinuous curve, bend, or loop along the course of a stream or river. Turnings or windings; a winding path or course. A circuitous movement or journey.

This work refers to water, to form, and to the personal shape of a life. There is an element of meander in every creative exploration: physically, emotionally, and even spiritually. Exploration involves wandering in unknown territory and trusting that ultimately you'll understand why you followed those circuitous paths.

Fluid and sinuous, many pieces contain dots of gold to suggest the reflection of sunlight on water.  

The forging technique was learned with Aggie in Harbinger Gallery nearly 20 years ago.


It all began in 1977 with an evening course at Mohawk College in Hamilton, and the rear wheel of a 10 speed bicycle.

We were building a house in Bentinck County in Ontario and had no electricity, so my brother-in-law created a polisher for me from a bicycle wheel and a series of pulleys. It was a hot summer, and I've never been so fit and slim. I also had a new baby and a big garden.

Of course, my designs and techniques have evolved over the last 30 years but I've always been affected by sky and water and natural beauty. After working and teaching jewellery classes in Ontario for 20 years, I moved out to Hornby Island in BC and the effect of those elements on my work intensified.

In 2008, I had a Solo exhibition at Harbinger Gallery called For Love of Water. The theme evolved from a Dharma class (Bhuddist teaching) that I was taking, where I became more deeply aware of the interconnectedness of all things. From the image of light on water, a Haiku-like poem emerged:

                               For love of water, light dances.
                               For love of water, earth moves.
                               For love of water, air surrenders.
All the pieces in that show reflected the beauty and emotion of water.
Living on Hornby Island for 10 years certainly deepened my love of water, and now, back in Ontario, I've chosen to live beside the Sydenham River, calmed and inspired by the lovely reflections and sound of wind in the old trees lining the river. 

Complex Meander ring for right forefinger, sterling silver, 10K, 2011, $175
Surface Meander ring, sterling silver, 10K, 2011, $150
Surface Meander ring II, sterling silver, 10K, 2011, $140
Surface Meander studs, sterling silver, 10K, 2011, $140
Meander earrings, sterling silver, 10K, freshwater pearls, 2011, $130
Meander Down earrings with Topaz, sterling silver, 10K, topaz, 2011, $150
Surface Meander neckpiece with Topaz, sterling silver, blue topaz, 10K, 16" sterling silver chain 2011, $225
Meander brooch with Topaz, sterling silver, 10K, topaz 2011, $225
Meander Flow neckpiece on Knotted Pearl Strand, sterling silver, grey freshwater pearls, 19" long, 2011, $200
Meander Flow neckpiece on Chain, sterling silver, with 16" snake chain, 2011, $185 or with 18" snake chain, $200.
Forged Spiral neckpiece with Opal on Knotted Pearl Strand, sterling silver, opal in matrix, freshwater pearls, 15" long, 2011, $250
Multiple Meander choker with Pearls, sterling silver, 10K, freshwater pearls, 14" long, 2011, $600
Multiple Meander Bracelet, sterling silver, 10K, freshwater pearls, 7" long, 2011, $300